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Smart Fix of Richmond


Q: How much will painting my car cost?

Answer: Our mission here at Smart Fix is to make your vehicle look its best at a price you can afford. We handle all types of jobs from dents and scratches to total losses. Our goal is to make sure all our customers can feel confident in their vehicles. We will work with you to find the best service options to reach your needs at a price to fit your budget. Call us today to schedule your free estimate!
Q: What does a paint job include?

Answer: Our paint services include the vehicle being chemically cleaned and sanded down by hand before paint is applied. Be sure to ask about our additional prep and clearcoat options during your free estimate! 
Q: How long will my car be in the shop?

Answer: The length of time needed to complete a job is estimated on a case by case basis. 
Q: When does my repair need to be paid for?

Answer: Payment for services rendered must be paid in full at time of pickup for a vehicle to be released. We also accept installment payments while your vehicle is in the shop.

*Some jobs may require a deposit at time of drop off.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

Answer: Cash, Credit, and Debit.

*We do not accept personal checks

Q: What is required for aftercare of my new paint job?

Answer: It is extremely important to give your paint job the proper after care. Do not take a new paint job through an automatic carwash until a week after pick up. It is okay to wash by hand with soap and water after 24 hours. Please wait 30 days before using wax, armor-all, or wash n' wax products. Do not us a car cover for 30 days after service as the paint needs to be able to breathe so it can cure properly. 
Q: Can you save my insurance deductible?

Answer: We will work to try to save part, or all, of your insurance deductible to minimize your personal out of pocket costs. Be sure to bring us all of your insurance information such as claim number and insurance estimate to the shop with you for us to review. Call us today!